When choosing a lawyer cybercrime should always pay careful attention to his skills, knowledge in information technology and information security, programming, media rights and so on.

«Times change and requirements for quality of service and»

Therefore, very rare specialization in a broad, professional market is the Bar Counsel of cybercrime. Even its name — The lawyer for computer crimes (in the field of computer and information technology).

The reason for this is the lack of «ordinary» lawyer fundamental, profound knowledge in the field of computer and network technologies. An important factor is also the experience of criminal cases related to cybercrime.

Attorneys’ Legal and consulting company «GENESIS» with relevant knowledge and experience in programming, system administration and network technology, information security, media rights, etc., as well as criminal, criminal-procedural, economic, civil law.

«Our advantage is that we create a legal position and the ground based on the customer’s experience and knowledge.»

Our lawyers are always ready to provide free, basic counseling to determine the merits of questions and clarifications prospects.
For high school students who are learning programming, system engineering and administration, security, computer networks, etc. — consultation is free of charge (subject to confirmation appropriate form of training and specialization).

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