Everyone sees how information technology is developing rapidly. The Internet is present in almost every life in our lives. We depend on him. Internet security is becoming an increasingly relevant topic. Insecurity has dire consequences.

Today we can communicate with the world, while being in one place in China to pay fees or to work in the US.

However, the state of cybercrime shows a clear upward trend in all types and categories of incidents that occur with the use of high information technologies. This confirms the integration of legal entities in the same industry Cyber law.

«GENESIS» provides  consulting, legal and law services in Information Law, also services in information security.

Knowledge and experience in combating cybercrime and organization of information security, protection of intellectual property management and protection of business reputation gives us confidence and their ability to solve problems of any complexity.

Our team consists of experienced professionals in Law, intellectual property protection? combating cybercrime, information security.



Each control team members have professional experience over 10 years.


Experienced team knows the current requirements for quality, as evidenced by diplomas and certificates.


Effectively solve problems of any complexity.

Adherence to principles

Справедливість — це єдина альтернатива


The modern world requires global thinking and innovative approach.


Honesty — this is important.

«GENESIS» mission

Mission «GENESIS» — prioritize cyber security and crisis public relations in Cyber law.
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