The team of «GENESIS» specializing in legal services in the field of information law (IT-law, cyber law), copyright and patent law, criminal, economic, civil law, protection of moral rights (image, goodwill) in the web of global access — the Internet.


Our practitioners constantly monitor the current legislation in the field of information law, information and high technology and are aware of current trends.



We provide the following legal services:

For business as a whole:

  • consulting at the stage of the concept of business, choosing the optimal legal and financial model, organizing business registration in Ukraine or abroad;
  • legal support startup;
  • administrative, legal and tax structuring of business;
  • Development and analysis of individual copyright or licensing agreements;
  • registration of intellectual property rights protection for them on the Internet;
  • consulting and legal services using intellectual property and domain names, web, sites, etc .;
  • legal support and business services in information technology (IT), e-commerce, etc.
  • legal protection for the website content;
  • development and implementation of schemes of protection of trade secrets and confidential information;
  • protection of rights on the Internet (preparation of claim letters, negotiation and settlement of disputes in the pretrial order, legal support when applying to the court and law enforcement);
  • litigation Ukraine and abroad;

For companies — software developers:

  • Complex legal and consulting services in support of IT projects at all stages of development and implementation, regardless of geography;
  • legal services and advice in the development of software;
  • analysis and development of individual employment contracts, agreements on the transfer and management of copyright, any other contracts, agreements, etc;
  • registration of intellectual property products;
  • litigation, protection of interests in litigation;
  • maintenance of relationships with regulatory and law enforcement agencies;
  • or other individual issues.

For individuals and businesses:

  • Managing the image and reputation;
  • Preventing the spread of false information, damaging the image and reputation of the client.

Our experts will provide you with comprehensive support, depending on the specifics of your business, on a confidential basis.