Goodwill — a set of confirmed information about the legal or natural person on the basis of which it is possible to do
conclusion of administrative, professional and other skills, as well as its integrity and compatibility of its operations with current law.

The main components of reputation, which together give an adequate assessment of any business is Goodwill (monetary definition of goodwill) and Image (the company’s ability to attract emotionally).

Goodwill — is one of the most important intangible
human assets.

Today, for effective business results must maintain an active information policy on the Internet, create a positive image and excellent reputation in the eyes of the target audience.

The «Managing the image and reputation on the Internet» — a set of measures, consisting of:

  • preventing the spread of false information, damaging the image and reputation of the client;
  • continuous monitoring of information available online and the official media and other web rursah (media resources);
  • analysis and adjustment of the results of search engines for searches and keywords related to the subject of monitoring image and reputation;
  • audit and operational processing of content in terms of its authenticity;
  • appropriate measures of technical, legal and procedural nature under the plan agreed with the customer the
  • appropriate measures to restore the state’s image and reputation;

Please be aware that the illegal collection, storage, use, destruction and dissemination of confidential information about a person is punishable by law.


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