Each company in the conduct of economic activities has the need for a competent documentary settlement of relations with counterparties, customers, partners, etc., which requires the conclusion of relevant contracts.

First of all, it is necessary to conduct a proper legal assessment of legal relations that arise in the course of its implementation, as well as an analysis of the possible consequences of concluding such a treaty, with a view to eliminating risks.

Our specialists will provide explanations for the legal consequences of the conclusion of the contract, suggest options and ways for their implementation, and conduct an analysis of contracts in order to avoid negative consequences.


We offer such services in the field of contract work:

  • Analysis of contracts, coordination and drafting of preparatory treaties (protocols of intent, memoranda, etc.);
  • Analysis of submitted drafts of contractual documentation (contracts, contracts, supplementary agreements and annexes to them, etc.) for compliance with legislation, reflecting the real relationship between the enterprise and counterparties, the presence of unsettled moments, double interpretations, etc.;
  • Development of contractual documentation (contracts, contracts, supplementary agreements, annexes to them, etc.), protocols of disagreements, etc.;
  • Development of additional agreements and annexes to treaties;
  • Analysis and finalization of existing contracts, making adjustments to existing treaties.

Stages of services:

  • Coordination of the scope and duration of work;
  • Analysis of the situation, examination of documents, performance of work;
  • Preparation of documents and transfer to the Client for approval;

Risks of signing a legally illiterate agreement:

  • Recognition of the contract as invalid with all the ensuing consequences;
  • Lack of opportunity to protect their rights and position;
  • Unjustified tax burden.